If you want to switch web hosting companies and you don't have much experience or time, you could find it difficult to move your content. Transferring an HTML Internet site involves uploading little files to the new hosting server, thus it could be easier, but migrating a script-driven website, especially a custom-built one, and linking it to the database on the new web hosting platform or migrating databases and e mails could be quite aggravating tasks for some people. Consequently, many users are stuck with a hosting provider that offers a bad web hosting service simply because they don't know how they can transfer their content to a different provider securely while keeping the design and performance of their Internet sites intact. In this light, our hosting solutions feature a website migration service, that's completely free of charge, and that shall save you a substantial amount of time and efforts because you'll not have to do anything on your end.

Assisted Website Migration in Web Hosting

You can take full advantage of this 100 % free service irrespective of the web hosting plan you have picked and you could contact us as soon as your new account has been created. There won't be an issue for our support team to relocate even a number of Internet sites provided that you have opted for a package deal where you are able to host more than one domain name. When they are done with the migration to our groundbreaking cloud web hosting platform, they shall analyze if everything is working correctly before they inform you that you are able to change the name servers of your domain in order to point it to our servers. We can transfer any website that runs on a LAMP machine and is not created on a closed platform such as Yola or Wix in which we simply can't access the website files to copy them. This includes not just popular platforms such as WordPress or Moodle, but also any custom web site. If you use our migration service, we can easily set everything up within 24 to 48 hours, so you are able to start using our platform immediately.

Assisted Website Migration in Dedicated Servers Hosting

You can use our 100 % free service if you would like a more powerful hosting solution and you decide to acquire one of our Linux dedicated servers hosting for your sites. A qualified team of system administrators shall start the migration of your information the minute your web server is set up and you get hold of them and in the general scenario it does not take more than 24 to 48 hours to relocate even numerous Internet sites and make sure that they function adequately. The time could differ depending on how many websites you have and what their size is, but we typically fit inside this timeframe. Due to the fact that our web hosting servers run using Linux, the Internet sites we move must be compatible with this Operating System and should not be designed on platforms that don't offer access to the site files - Wix, Mr. Site, Jimdo, Weebly, and so forth. Any other site, irrespective if it was created by a web developer or with a platform like Joomla or WordPress, can be transferred immediately and our admin team will let you know the minute they are done. You'll be able to change the name servers of your domains after that to direct them to the new dedicated server. There'll not be any downtime for any of the websites due to the fact that the content which the domain names shall load during the DNS propagation will be identical on both servers.