We provide you with an easy to use Databases Manager, incorporated within our Web Hosting Control Panel, from where you could make completely new MySQL and PgSQL databases straight away. Additionally, you are enabled to administer their adjustments through the instant access made available to the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software tools.

Tidy and Simple Interface

Handle all of your databases from a single place

The Databases Manager inside the Web Hosting Control Panel has a powerful but intuitive user interface. It is possible to set up a completely new MySQL or PostgreSQL database by simply typing a username and security password. Additionally, you can create a backup file or change the security password of a database with a mouse click.

From the Databases Manager you’ve got immediate access to the administration area for each of your databases, so you’re able to make easy changes in case you need to.

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Fast Database Data backup

Back up your databases in just a minute

We have evolved the manual database back–up creation into a quite easy task. To execute this: inside of the Databases Manager, click the ’clock’ icon next to the database that you would like to back up and after that hang on for a couple of seconds for the process to take place. Depending upon the size of your database, the creation of any backup file can take somewhere between a couple of seconds and a minute.

You can make as many copies per database as you desire. We haven’t fixed any boundaries on the amount of databases you could back up either.

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Support for PgSQL

Warranted security for your personal databases

PgSQL databases are less famous in comparison to the standard MySQL databases. On the other hand, they are a favorite selection for web developers seeking the ultimate security for their websites and applications. Due to the intuitive Databases Manager integrated into the Virtual Gal Friday Web Hosting Control Panel, you can control all your PostgreSQL databases with just a mouse click.

You’ll find PgSQL databases integrated by default with the advanced Linux web hosting packages. Assuming that you are with a basic hosting package, it is possible to request PgSQL databases to be added to your website hosting account as upgrades.

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InnoDB Databases

The newest face of MySQL

The MySQL databases on our machines employ the latest release of the InnoDB storage engine. InnoDB was made to guarantee the top functionality for websites that process big volumes of data. It boasts CPU efficiency that could not be matched by alternative disk–based relational database engines.

InnoDB is ACID–compliant and supplies full transaction support, so that you’ll be able to update/insert/create/alter/drop more than once for a single "operation" of your app. Moreover, it utilizes row–level locking in place of MyISAM’s table–level locking, that boosts multi–user concurrency and functionality.

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Detailed Database Stats

In depth stats for all your databases

We supply you a simple way to keep tabs on the database use of your powerful websites. Through the in–depth database stats interface, that is incorporated into the Web Hosting Control Panel, you can keep an eye on the load made through your dynamic sites in real time. The provided information will enable you to assess the database load variations on an hourly basis, each day or monthly.

It’s possible to record the database load for your sites through the Database Stats part of the Web Hosting Control Panel. The table on–screen reveals the database queries accumulated in the present month. To check info for a previous month, click on the back arrows positioned at the top.

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