A domain is an easy-to-use and distinctive website address which you are able to get for your web site. It routes a numeric IP address that is used to find web sites and devices on the Web and it is quite easy to remember or share. Each domain name contains 2 parts - the actual name that you choose and the extension. To give an example, in domain.com, “domain” is referred to as Second-Level Domain and it's the part you will be able to select, whereas “.com” is the extension, which is also called Top-Level Domain (TLD). You are able to acquire your new domain via any licensed registrar company or move an existing one between registrars if the extension supports this function. This kind of a transfer doesn't change the possession of a domain name; the one thing that changes is where you'll be able to control that domain name. Most domain extensions are free for registration by any entity, but various country-code extensions have specific conditions for instance local presence or a valid business registration.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Web Hosting

With our shared web hosting plans, you'll be able to register as many domains as you need and handle them without difficulty. We partner with an ICANN-accredited registrar firm for numerous domain extensions, which allows us to provide fast and reliable registration solutions. For other extensions we partner with some of the largest companies on the market and for that reason, you will be able to register domains with over 50 extensions from your web hosting Control Panel. In case you get an account through us and you have domain names registered elsewhere, you can transfer them and control them conveniently from a single place together with your web hosting space. Renewals, Whois Privacy Protection, and custom domain records are only a few of the solutions that you can access for any of your domains with just a couple of clicks using our feature-rich Domain Manager tool.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Dedicated Servers Hosting

Along with your dedicated server, you will be able to register as many domain names as you'd like and manage them through your server’s billing Control Panel. We offer tens of country-code and generic TLDs that you are able to select from, which means that you can register the most suitable domains based on the character of your sites and the countries or regions that you would like to focus on. We are a certified registrar for most of the TLDs, while for other extensions we work with some of the largest registrars out there. This allows us to offer you affordable prices, real-time registrations as well as exceptional administration services. You can also move your current domain names and manage them from a single place with your dedicated server. We'll renew them immediately after the transfer process is finalized.